The Grampians Bouldering Festival would not happen without our partners. More than sponsors who might flick over some dollars and flash prizes, our partners are an intimately involved with the conception and execution of the Festival. They support us and they support you so we want to support them.

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond are big backers and believers in the Grampians Bouldering Festival. As they are makers of fine, fine bouldering and climbing kit, we are psyched that they are our major sponsor, and that they believe not only in the Festival but also in the bouldering community.  Big love to BD. Visit Black Diamond.

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A great Aussie company with a great story doing great things in outdoors all round the world. The make the kind of awesome stuff that makes it easier for us to have adventures in the wild. Check out Sea To Summit

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Vertical life magazine

The Grampians Bouldering Festival is the brain child and the baby of Australia's only climbing magazine, Vertical Life. Keeping digital real since 2012 with words and pictures and moving pictures that tell the climbing stories of Australia and Australians. We love youse all. Visit Vertical Life Magazine.



The bestest online climbing database getting around – record your progress, tick all your lists, research new areas, contribute your own routes and keep an eye on what your mates (and your enemies) have been up to. The GBF is grateful to theCrag for providing their system so we can take the 'boring' out of 'scoring'.


It's hard and it's tireless and it is generally thankless work, but the third bit we can all change. Thanks heaps CliffCare for keeping the cliffs open and available for us to climb on, for braving the difficult-to-navigate waters of the bureaucracy and thanks for including blocs in your generic 'cliff' definition. Thanks for putting the (lofty) peak back into Peak Body.

Laharum Grove

Massive thanks to our hosts and feeder of the masses, Laharum Grove. It's a special spot and we are very happy to be able to call it home (for a weekend).

TEmple tents

Big, stretchy, pretty and protect-ery – Temple Tents provide the tented communal space at the Festival Hub. We have much love for our temply-tenty mates.

Horsham Rural City Council 

Thanks to the administrative honchos of The 'Sham, the biggest little town in Victoria, who are on our side and welcome the boulderers of Oz with open arms.

Parks Victoria

Guardians of the (national park) Galaxy, thanks to the good people at Parks Victoria and who take such diligent care of the park.

Scotty Dog resoles

Bouldering is hard on your shoes, we know. We are heavy-footed plodders and toe-draggers from way back. We also feel a deep connection to our shoes once we have broken them in, resoling is the way to go. It also makes sense to extend the life of your shoes. Support good friend of the Festival, Scotty Dogs Rescoles.

Kamil Sustiak adventure Photography

In a world where everyone has a camera all the time, there are still some shots that make you salivate as your jaw drops. You know a pro who has an eye and a style and technical mastery. We'd like to thank big friend of the Festival, Kamil Sustiak. If you see you on the weekend, strike your best pose.

adventure types

Adventure Types is a consultancy that specialises in developing adventure tourism, working with governments, tourism organisations, events and brands to grow what we call 'outdoor-active' tourism. From designing and curating adventure events (including climbing festivals and trail runs!), to developing product development strategies, auditing landscapes and trails, researching travel markets and developing rich media content of awesome adventurey stuff, Adventure Types is all about connecting with, well, adventure types.

tour de trails

Though our hearts will always lie with the stone we do have a special spot for the trail and when we are not scaling up sometimes we are shambling along singletrack. Our brothers-in-adventure, if you are into running then check out Tour de Trails events and small group tours.

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