IMPORTANT – The Comp & theCrag


This year we are partnering with the online route database, theCrag, to make the competition a smoother, easier experience for anyone. Instead of logging your ascents on a piece of paper (which is so, like, last century), everyone will be logging their ascents on their smartphone.

To make this work, we need everyone to sign up to theCrag before the weekend (don’t be one of those last-minute people). You can sign up to theCrag and register for the Grampians Bouldering Festival competition here.

Once you’re registered, you’re all set for comp day. We also recommend you watch this video by theCrag. It has instructions for how to find problems and log your ascents. We still recommend using the paper guide to get around.

And, never fear, if you struggle to log your ascents due to any of the following – lack of smartphone, lack of reception, lack of intelligence – we will have a computer where you can log your ascents at basecamp.

For more information about the competition itself and the rules, go here.