A Comp with no Genders

On the Saturday of the Festival we are having a competition. The comp is outdoors, which is pretty novel in itself.

It's a bit different to other comps. Firstly, you seed yourself according to how hard you boulder then on the day you head out to our designated areas and climb whatever you want. You're the boss of you! 

Ascents are scored based on their V-grade, the total of your top six boulders equals your score. Easy as.


One thing that is really different is that we are not having gender categories. We are all competing together. Our thinking is that a woman climbing V5 is the same as a man climbing V5. Furthermore, in that you can climb whatever you want, there is no way the setting can be too morpho and favour one body type over another.

When we were thinking about how to structure the comp we consulted some people whose opinions we valued, we asked some of our near-and-dears and the idea of running the comp genderless was well received. We reckon that no-gender is a top idea. That said, this is the first time we are holding the comp and our no. 1 goal is to make sure that everyone feels welcome to participate. If you have any comment or concerns about the structure please get in touch.

Whilst the emphasis of the comp is on participation and everyone having a go, there is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to compete hard. Remember kids, it's okay to want to win! Even if you're not out for victory the comp format can be super productive for you. There is something about the scent of competition to give you added impetus to tick your hardest problem ever! Add to that the supercharge that you get from co-operating with a flock psyched boulderers and we reckon the comp will generate a perfect sending storm.

If you were really smart, and prepared and want to max your chances of scoring high and maybe even taking out a gong, you would consult the Grampians Guidebook and plan your day carefully. (Hint! Hint!)

Tell me more: You can read more about the comp here. Or email us if you have any questions.

Gold coin donation entry: Entry to the competition for Festival attendees is via a gold coin donation to CliffCare. We support CliffCare for the work they do to ensure we can keep bouldering in the Gramps.