Water, Food & Petrol


Always bring your own water when you go to the Grampians. Many campgrounds have rainwater tanks with ‘Not for drinking’ warning signs. However, it’s rainwater and you can drink it (at your own risk) – just don’t rely on tanks having water in them.

It’s best to purchase food before you arrive in the Grampians. Thriving Horsham has the closest big supermarket, whilst there is a small (and expensive) mini-mart in Halls Gap. The Melbourne weekend warrior’s ritual includes a stop and shop at the famed Ararat Woolworths, but be aware it closes at 10pm.

Petrol can be purchased in any of the nearby large centres. In the Grampians itself, you can fill up in Halls Gap or at the (expensive) Happy Wanderer at 2493 Northern Grampians Rd in Wartook.