Climbing With Kids


If, like one of the authors, you have been foolish enough to ruin your life by having children, fear not, all is not lost. There are a number of excellent places you can take your tykes while you attempt to climb in between building sand castles and stopping your kid eating kangaroo poo.

Around Stapylton the easiest spot is the Campground Boulders – you can drive right up and the base flat and forgiving – just watch Jnr doesn’t scramble up the backsides of the boulders. It’s more of a walk, but Andersens is good with plenty of places to explore (there is a great cave at the back of the field, accessible via Gobsmacker Corner, that you can take them through). If your kids are strong enough to walk up Flat Rock, then Trackside is child friendly.

Around Halls Gap, Venus Baths is super easy for parents (and the creek is fun), although you will have to keep a close eye on them as there are a number of small cliffs they could walk off in some sections. The Bleachers is more of a walk, but the area around the Cirque of the Climbables is very kid-friendly.

There is nowhere in the Victoria Range that we would recommend taking children unless you are a masochist or your children are really small adults.