Cafes & Restaurants


Halls gap

You can get acceptable coffee at both Livefast (on the creek) and Harvest (on Heath St). If you are after food, Livefast does better food, although Harvest has a nicer ambience. The ice-cream store is justifiably popular, and is well worth a post-boulder visit. If you are after a pub meal, try the Halls Gap Hotel on the way out of town (on the left as you head towards Ararat), it’s nothing special but at least it has a nice view and if you’re an international you’ll delight in the mobs of kangaroos who descend on the place at dusk.


The Royal Mail in Dunkeld is a famous foodie venue, so if you feel like blowing out your budget on a fancy meal to celebrate your life's best send, this is the place to do it.


If you like country coffee – scaldingly hot and served in a bucket – you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, Horsham is not a great place for cafes or restaurants, but the best place we’ve found is Nourish’d (on Roberst Ave near Coles), although the food is expensive and often disappointing. Some people like the Chickpea on Pynsent St, although it’s not to our taste. Horsham’s best coffee is probably 20 minutes away at the Nati Café (in Natimuk), although it’s worth noting that it is only open three days a week. The Indian restaurant Horsham Marsala on Firebrace Street is recommended.